Next meetup

Come join us for the first ever Chicagoland Furs Meet and Greet. Hang out, chat with friends that you have missed, or play some games.
POSTPONED, 4pm to 10pm.
Where: Willow Springs Community Center - 8156 S Archer Ave, Willow Springs, IL.
Cost: $5 per person - we will be ordering pizza around 5:30pm standard furry time and have some soft drinks.
Event Type: Open meet and greet. Feel free to bring games, we have some planned, but more are welcome. Please keep any games apporiate for all ages. (if it is questionable, please ask staff BEFORE trying to play it.)
Outside food and drink, is not only allowed but also encouraged. Bring snacks for yourself or to share if you like. We just ask that you please respect the games and not get them greasy or sticky.

Special information:

This is an ALL ages event with some special restrictions. There is ZERO alcohol, smoking/vaping or drug on the propery. This includes the parking lot. On the sidewalk along 171 is acceptable for smoking or vaping of anything legal.

We will eventually be hosting other meets. Information of them will be posted here. Feel free to make suggestions to the staff about what you would enjoy at a meet!

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