Mount Prospect Bowling

Midwest Furmeets and Chicagoland Furs is proud to be working together for a furry bowling meet in Mount Prospect. Events are most weekends on Friday or Saturday, sometimes Sunday. Please see the event page for specific dates.

NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR DRINKS! They have plenty of food and drinks that they are willing to part with for money. :3 Water is always available in pitchers with cups in the party room, if they are empty please let any of our staff know.

Bowlero of Mt. Prospect
824 E Rand Rd.
Mount Prospect, IL 60056

Please always come in through the main entrance. This is a courtesy to the management that they know who has come in.
Please help keep the area clean, put trash in one of the cans, if they are overflowing please let us know. They give us a lot just because they like us, lets keep it that way.
(Jun 8, 2021)Current state health rules are in effect for the pandemic. This is for everyone’s safety. If you have or probably have been exposed to corona 19 virus please follow the current guidelines.
No outside food or drinks.
Enjoy your time and have fun, make sure others can have fun too.