Young Furs (17-) and Family Meetup

The Young Furs and Family meetup has grown from a few convention panels into its own event here in the Chicagoland.

SuperMom is our wonderful host for these events, bringing with her experience running the panels at conventions. The intent is to give the young furs a place to meet up with their peers in a safe and creative environment for them.

Locations and times are not set yet, please check back later.

Next Meet

Time: 4pm-10pm (scheduled end time, we me be around longer)
Location: 8156 S Archer Ave. Willow Springs, IL.
Description: This is NOT just a Young fur and family event. This is an ALL AGES, event. It is a family friendly event. Only rule not applied is about age restirctions.


ALL minors must have a consent form filled out or on file. We will have them on hand to be filled out by a guardian on location. Please follow the instructions if filling out prior to attending.

We do have a few special rules for this event. First to mention is an age restriction. One attendee from the family must be under 18, this means 17 or under. Since this is for the youngfurs to hang out, we understand some friends may be 18 and you want to hang out, please come as a group of friends and this will be allowed.

Alcohol, marijuana, smoking, vaping or other controlled substances are not allowed on the host propery. This includes any parking lots. Showing up intoxicated is not acceptable.

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